My 2013 Music Playlist

I received some positive feedback after I posted my early 2014 rap favorites last night. So, I figured that I would post my Spotify 2013 playlist, full of all of my favorite songs from last year. If you want more background on the music on display, check out this post. Also, some of the music on my playlist, like the songs from Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, and RFA, you have to download on your computer to listen to them, because they aren’t on Spotify. Downloading them is very easy, and I highly recommend doing so. The site that I download them from, DatPiff, is totally legit. Here are the links to Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap, Vic Mensa’s Innanetape, and RFA’s Just Don’t Turn the Lights On. Enjoy!


Rap Music of Early 2014

Got some tunes here that are pretty good. I’ll be writing album reviews of both of these artists fairly soon; expect a review of Rick Ross tha Boss’ new disk Mastermind tomorrow. Until then, content yourselves with this short little list of sure-to-be bangers. Particularly like “Hell of a Night” and “Paradise Lost”.