The Worst Inning of Baseball Ever Played

For those of you who follow baseball, you probably know that the Philadelphia Phillies aren’t playing too hot right now. In fact, today they lost yet again to the Detroit Tigers, 12-4, dropping their 8th game in a row. I mean, come on. That’s just really impressive. Props to my Phils for never stopping at just ordinary badness. They always go above and beyond the call of duty in order to suck.

And today, the Phillies decided they were going to lose in a special way. Bored, I assume, of just plain ol’ losing by scores like 5-4, 4-1, and 10-0, the Phils decided today to actually score runs! Before the other team! A novel idea! After storming out to a 3 (3 runs!) run lead in the 5th, the Phils remembered that they were destined to lose this game and be swept for the second series in a row. After surrendering the lead during a 3-run 5th inning, the 2013 Philadelphia Phillies proceeded to play the Worst Inning in the History of Baseball.

It all started with a Jake Diekmam walk to lead off the home half of the 6th inning, not an uncommon occurrence. Then things got weird. Tigers catcher Alex Avila then laid down a bunt to move over the runner, when Diekman decided to nail Avila in the back instead of just throwing it to first baseman Darin Ruf in order to record the out. Not satisfied, however, with that misplay of a bunt, Diekman then proceded to botch another bunt defensively, waiting too long to throw to first to retire Ramon Santiago.

Then things got ugly.

After Austin Jackson recorded the first out on a flyout, Don Kelly hit a routine fly to left fielder Steve Susdorf, making his first big league start. Susdorf then dropped the ball, allowing all of the baserunners to move up ninety feet and recording the first run of the innning. Tigers 4, Phillies 3.

But the Phils weren’t through. Relief pitcher Luis Garcia then walked the next batter on 4 pitches, walking in another run and leaving the bases loaded. After that, Prince Fielder hit a grounder to Ruf, who through it away from catcher Carlos Ruiz. And then, after an 11 pitch walk to Victor Martinez, walking in the second run of the inning, Garcia served up a grand slam to Jhonny Peralta, ending the carnage.

All in all, the Phillies surrended 8 unearned runs in the bottom of the 6th inning on 2, yes 2 hits. There were 3 errors. There were two botched bunts defensively IN A ROW. There were three walks in total, but two with the bases loaded. One of the hits was the second bunt play that Diekman botched, so there was really one legitimate hit in the inning, the backbreaker by Peralta.

After the game, Jimmy Rollins commented, “That was embarrassing”. Really, J-Roll? I’m just happy I got to witness history. I witnessed the Worst Inning of Baseball Ever Played. Please comment if you know of an inning worse, because that would be truly exceptional.


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