First Post (Yay!)

Yes, I know what you are going to say.

I suck at WordPress (pictures are confusing).

Well, hopefully you guys won’t hate me that much because my header pic is some generic photo of a rocky shore somewhere in New England. By the way, my number 1 priority right now is to learn how to upload a sick picture of Ron Burgundy playing the jazz flute. That would be pretty cool.

So, anyways, this is my blog. Duh. As many of you know, I like to talk, well, a lot. And about a variety of subjects. From the Philadelphia Union to Kanye West, from The Wire to Bruce Springsteen, and a variety of other topics, I have a wide range of interests. That is why this blog won’t focus on just one aspect of pop culture. I will cover whatever is interesting me the most at the time. Yeah, expect a lot of Union coverage. Expect a ton of Sixers’ posts even though they will suck this year. Actually, expect Sixers’ posts because they will suck this year (ALL HAIL SAM HINKIE). Expect coverage of Walter White’s final days on Breaking Bad. Expect Pearl Jam album reviews.

And most importantly, expect the jazz flute.

Let’s have some fun.


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